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  • 2nd Semester

    2nd Semester

    Financial Accounting-II (313201)
    S. P. Chandravanshi

    Hire Purchase System
    Royalty Account
    Branch Account
    Partnership Fundamental
    Installment Payment System
    Interest Suspense Account


    Mercantile [Corporate] Law (313202)
    Nidhi Sharma

    Company Meetings
    Management of a Company
    Public and Private Company
    Transfer and Transmission of Shares
    Share & Share Capital
    Industrial Disputes Act 1947
    Trade Unions Act 1926
    Fire Insurance
    Life Insurance
    Marine Insurance
    Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996
    The Workmens Compensation Act 1923


    Business Mathematics (313203)
    Anil Kumar Singh

    Decreasing and Increasing Function
    Maxima and Minima
    Marginal Cost
    Integration by Substitutions and Parts


    IT for Accounting (313204)
    Devi Dayal Sinha



    Intermediate Spreadsheet Concepts (313205)
    Dhiraj Kumar

    Pivot Table
    Solving the Model with the Excel Solver
    Goal Seek 
    Monte Carlo Simulation 
    What If Analysis 
    Continued Analysis 


    Business English (313206)
    Rajeev Kumar

    Agenda Writing
    Letter Writting
    Resume, Curriculum
    Role Play Benefits
    Who Moved My Cheese


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