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  • From Principal's Pen

    From Principal's Pen

    It would be no exaggeration to say IMPACT College, affiliated to Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna has been making a mark across with imparting quality education to students, in discharging responsibilities with utter perfection, utmost dedication and in searching for new and innovative ways of teaching.

    The college is committed to sprucing-up the students’ skills and finesse, achievements and stopping their migration to other states by creating state-of the art teaching methods, facilities and classrooms, besides most advanced computer lab and enriched library within the confine of cool and serene atmosphere, encouraging the students to spend hours and hours so as to augment the knowledge and scale the summit.

    Highly developed media lab and studio to ensure students of Journalism receive practical learning under guidance of seasoned and qualified media professions is indeed an icing on cake, the students could enjoy boasting of the achievement.  

    As far as teaching-learning process goes, I personally believe students are blessed with revered qualities and the teachers are of course as craftsperson groom and polish their talents, hone their knowledge, influence them and add value to their wisdom only to make them idol with model of excellence and perfection of kind. The myriad of support the students get from their teachers along with outstanding quality of teaching at the temple of learning, ultimately lead to their unprecedented progress and world for sure as a great admirer or like devotee will sing paean to extol the greatness of such students.

    I must say IMPACT College leaves no stone unturned in selection of experienced and qualified faculties to ensure every student gets valuable teaching, proper guidance in a disciplined based friendly environment. IMPACT faculties are undoubtedly distinguished by their commitment to achievements and learning of their students and inspiring confidence, instilling beliefs and ideology in their pupils as a philosopher, as a guide.

    The committed teachers are concerned with the educational as well as ethical developments of their students. They inculcate curiosity and interest of learning into learners in order to meet the specific and desired goals. Teachers, who are engaged in their profession and committed to students’ achievement and their learning, play a vital role not only the progress of students but also development of society and nation as a whole. I wholeheartedly appreciate Impact College’s endeavour and adding valuable contributions into country’s educational development. I am sure the impact students will bring laurels to the college, to the country by flaunting their feats at national and international platforms. I take pride in them.

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